Aussie Airlines Ban Samsung Note7s ‘Cos Explosions Are Bad For Planes

In a move we would firmly put in the ‘fair call’ basket, Australian airlines have told users of the exploding Samsung Note7 not to turn them on or charge them on their flights.

Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin Australia were under no obligation to enforce the rules, but did so of their own volition, probably because an operating aircraft is the last place you want an exploding phone to be used. 
An FAA spokesperson told Gizmodo that they are currently looking into what should be done across the board to ensure rogue gadgets continue not to bring down airplanes. 
“if the device is recalled by the manufacturer, airline crew and passengers will not be able to bring recalled batteries or electronics that contain recalled batteries in the cabin of an aircraft, or in carry-on and checked baggage,” they said.
The smartphone has already been recalled, but with 2.5 million of the suckers still waiting to be exchanged for a less explodey unit, it’s definitely a smart move by airlines. 
Here’s to keepin’ planes safe from spontaneous fires.
Photo: Reddit user Crushader.

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