Here’s A Roundup Of All The Bonkers Airfare Bargains On Offer, Starting With Syd-Melb At $39

Bargain flights

Domestic travel is BACK, to an extent. But it’s back enough that Aussie airlines are now fighting tooth-and-nail to entice us to take to the skies with some sweet discounts on flights across the board.

Things kicked off when regional airline Rex started flying between Sydney and Melbourne for the first time, undercutting the other, more established airlines by a fair bit.

Not everyone’s frothing the fares, though. One expert told the ABC these deals are “not as generous as you think” and warned that travel is still contingent on the state borders remaining open.

But if you’re busting to get out of your state, then maybe there are some bargains to be had for the intrepid online shopper.

Jetstar – Free return flights when you buy a one-way ticket

Jetstar is discounting its already-cheap flights by offering free return fares when you buy a one-way ticket.

That means a you can pay just $55 for a Melbourne to Sydney flight, for example, and fly back for free. Other offers include Melbourne-Adelaide for $59 and Sydney-Gold Coast for $78.

The only downside is that the deal lasts until midnight Thursday, so you better decide on those long weekend plans as quickly as humanly possible.

Peep the deals at the Jetstar website here.

Rex – Huge discounts as low as $39

You may recognise Rex from those baby planes which fly to country towns. Well now they’ve bought a big plane, and they’re jet-setting between Sydney and Melbourne like the major players.

Rex was the airline which started this whole price war in the first place, offering low prices across the board.

Melbourne-Sydney tickets start at just $39, while Sydney-Gold Coast fares can be nabbed for $55, and Melbourne-Adelaide flights are going for $59. Unlike Jetstar, these prices are one-way only.

You can browse all the growing airline’s new routes over at the Rex website.

Virgin – Half-price fares all over Aus

Virgin is slashing airfares across the board, with the Sydney-Melbourne route being offered for just $39, one-way. A fair few other fares have also been reduced to half price until July 31, such as Adelaide-Sydney for $90.

Despite how cheap the flights are, you won’t be skimping out on much (except on-board snacks). These airfares include baggage, seat selection, Velocity Frequent Flyer Points and status credits.

The $39 Syd-Melb bargain is available on flights from now until December 15, 2021, so you’ve got all of winter, spring and even a sliver of summer to plan that overdue getaway.

Head on over to the Virgin Australia website to see if there are any cheap tickets left to snap up.