The iPhone 12 Is Nixing Chargers & Headphones For Good, And Apple Is Being Roasted To A Crisp

iPhone 12

This morning Apple gave us our first real glance at the iPhone 12, and showed off how the phone would look for the first time ever. Alongside copping an absolute roasting for the phone bearing visual similarities to the iPhone 5, the company have also been called out for one particular exclusion.

The Apple iPhone 12 is set to be released with no charger adapter and no headphone inside the box on purchase. Which means yes, as well as forking out the coins for the new phone, you’re gonna have to buy all the other equipment separately as well. Fun times at Steve Jobs High.

Those allegiant to Apple and their products have simply been put in a spin at the very idea, and have jumped onto Twitter to make jokes implying that the iPhone 13 is going to come with an empty box.

Gotta love the internet honestly.

The Aussie prices for the iPhone 12 look to be $1349 for a standard model packed with 64GB of storage, while the iPhone 12 Mini will be going for $1199.

And yes, both versions will come with just the phone on its own, no charger and no headphones. I guess they really want you to go out and get those AirPods, because they were not about to shell those babies out with every phone.

All in all, there are four versions of the new iPhone getting thrown our way, and they all feature… *checks notes*… A14 Bionic System-on-a-chip, which Apple assures us is a very good thing, making the phone faster by 50% compared to other phones. This is, of course, until the next iPhone comes out.

The phones also feature 5G connectivity for the first time, which means that you can finally get some speedy connections as you look up the nearest store where you can buy a damn charger.

Feast on the memes below, in all their Apple-hating glory.

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