Amaysim Is Giving New Energy Customers A Whole Year Of Free Bloody NBN

If you like free internet and just happen to be looking for a new energy provider, this might just be the best fucking deal of all time. Amaysim is offering a year of free NBN for every new energy customer until May 20.

If you switch to the provider’s electricity or gas plans (yeah, they do those now) and sign up for broadband as well, you’ll get the first 12 months of internet for free, which is currently valued at $70 per month. That’s a whopping $840 saving right there, folks.

“We are the only provider of simple home services including mobile plans, home internet, energy and tech and thanks to our unique business model this means we can offer fantastic value,” Amaysim CEO Julian Ogrin said in a release.

“Already loved by 800,000 homes, we now invite all of Australia to experience our home services.”

The only catch is you need to live in an area that’s NBN-ready, so if, like me, the installation has been delayed in your area, again, you won’t be eligible for the deal.

Amaysim has no lock-in contracts either, so if you decide you’re not into the service, you can leave at any time, but of course, you’ll forfeit any remaining free NBN that comes with the plan.

The company also offers pay-on-time discounts for your bills. In terms of electricity, the amount is 5% for QLD and VIC, 8% for NSW, and 9% for SA. For gas and solar, it’s 5% for every state.

If you’re keen, you can sign up for the offer here until 11:59pm on Sunday the 20th of May.

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