A 30-Year-Old Nintendo Game Just Sold On eBay For A Staggering $55k

A 30-year-old Nintendo game has just sold on eBay for a goddamn fortune and all of you (myself included) are extremely jealous.
Selling for an insane $55,093 ($42,077 USD), Stadium Events is considered one of the rarest games in the entire world. It was sold for the NES and originally designed to be used with the Family Fun Fitness control mat, which was essentially Wii Fit long before the Wii.
It’s like a cross between Dance Dance Revolution and Twister. Gross.
The game featured four different Olympic events: triple jump, long jump, 110 metre hurdles and 100 metre sprint. The game is so fucking rare because only a few hundred copies of it were sold as Stadium Events in North America before it was rebranded as World Class Track Meet.
It’s sold for large amounts in the past, too, with one copy going for $US4,050 without any packaging. Because this particular copy was still factory sealed, its value was through the fucking roof.
Bidding for the game started at $US9,000 but had shot up to $US15,000 in only four days.
Amazingly, the seller says his mother found the game in a thrift store in Queens, New York. Not realising its insane value, she bought the game for her son as a fun little gift. Fuck yeah, mum.
He details the purchase in a YouTube video below.
“My mum always buys things for me, and she thought that this might be something that I would like, probably would open it up and play it,” he said. 

“But she also knows I like video games, and I would be happy if this had no value, I’d say thanks Mum, but at the same time this one did have value.

The previous factory sealed copy of Stadium Events sold on eBay in 2015 for $45,865 ($35,100 USD).

Photo: Bandai.