Ditch Single-Use Plastic With These Reusable Household Bottles That Don’t Look Like Ass

zero co
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Did you know that Aussies use approximately 3,109 single-use plastic bottles for things like laundry liquid, hand wash, dishwashing liquid and more cleaning products in their lifetime? That’s over one billion bottles every single year. Disgoostang!

Knowing where to start when doing your bit for the environment can be overwhelming. I get it. But rethinking your household products is a really practical and small way that you can make a big difference.

Zero Co

One local company that’s helping is Zero Co. Here’s how it works:

  • Make your order via the Zero Co website.
  • Zero Co will deliver your reusable bottles and refill pouches of the product.
  • Empty your pouches into the bottles.
  • Put the empty pouches into a postage-paid mailer and return them (for free).
  • Zero Co will then clean and refill the pouches and send them to another customer.

The Zero Co reusable bottles are made from ocean, beach, and landfill-bound waste and are designed to be used repeatedly – not just the once like so many other products.

The Zero Co pouches are made from recycled materials that are diverted from landfills, and they, too, are designed to be used over and over again.

There is a huge amount of home cleaning and personal hygiene products available through Zero Co. Whether you need laundry detergent or shampoo, this eco-friendly solution has you covered. If multiple options get you flustered like a jam-packed restaurant menu, then the Starter Box (on sale for $159) is a good choice.

Right now, you can also get 10% off your first box by using the code cleanup10. You’ll need to spend over $100, which, to be honest, is pretty easily done when you think about all the products you need to keep your house (and bod) in shape.

Perhaps my favourite part is that Zero Co actually looks good in your house and bathroom, unlike the sterile whites and blinding reds, blues and oranges of your cleaning product’s past.

You can also subscribe and really tap into that set-and-forget life you wanna live. Think about it: you may never have to visit the cleaning aisle ever again.