Two Stray Water Bottles Managed To Sneak Their Way Into The ‘GoT’ Finale

Warning: There are potentially spoilers in this. Maybe. I personally haven’t watched the new episode yet so I can’t tell from lookin’ if something is a spoiler or just an innocuous screenshot. We’re on this journey together.

Wrangling a set is probably harder than, say, keeping your room tidy. I don’t know about your lifestyle personally but it feels safe making that claim. Between keeping dozens of cast members and crew members in the right spots doing the right things while also keeping them happy and comfortable and maintaining continuity between shots, even the most well-staffed and well-funded TV shows will fuck up. Game of Thrones might be the single most talked about TV show on the planet right now, but it’s also the show that canonically includes the existence of Starbucks in a fantasy setting thanks to one tiny huge fuck-up.

Surely, after all the attention this received the first time it happened, they would never allow this to occur again. Well the good news is that it didn’t. The bad news, however, is that something similar happened, this time with a water bottle, hiding behind Sam Tarly’s foot:

Well, that’s not so bad really, it’s just one water bottle. Oh wait no it was actually two water bottles:

You could almost take the conspiratorial view that, at this stage, they are doing it on purpose as some sort of viral marketing exercise — but marketing for what? You can’t see the label on the water bottles, so unless there’s a shadowy cabal of manufacturers plastic water bottles trying to subtly market plastic water bottles, the more likely conclusion is that they were close to the end and getting a bit sloppy.

Who among us hasn’t made a huge mistake, not once but twice, that will be broadcast in one of the most watched TV events of the decade? That’s what I thought.