Where Your Fave Fashion Bloggers Get Their Hair Did

The fashion set are an excellent source of outfit inspiration – we all follow someone on Instagram for those “but how can I style my jeans-and-tee thing so it feels fresh?” moments. 

But there’s something we often overlook – those always-perfect threads are usually accompanied by equally A+ hair. Yep, raise your hand if you’ve got a folder full of blogger screenshots purely for future hair inspiration.
We rounded up our Aussie faves with the best manes around to find out who they’re going to for their cuts and colours.
“My colourist is Remington Schulz at Edwards & Co. Remington has done my hair for almost 10 years – I don’t even need to ask him what to do when I go into the Surry Hills salon. He just knows what to do. I have complete faith in him. I’m very low maintenance so probably see him 2-3 times a year – he does the best sun-kissed balayage. For cuts, some of my favourite hair stylists are Renya Xydis, Anthony Nader, Richard Kavanagh and Travis Balcke.”


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“I trust Tiffany Thurtell and Alan Buki of Alan Buki for Original & Mineral with my hair. They’re my go to for cut and colour. I have been going there for nearly four years, I love
them and they’re always willing to experiment. They use all natural products, so my hair is always in the best condition!”


“I get my hair done at Oscar Oscar Paddington – Paloma cuts my hair and Samantha Herring does my colour. At the moment, we have gone quite a few shades lighter (almost blonde) so colour maintenance is super important. They get it right every time.”


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“I go to Mia from The Mia Collective in Teneriffe, Brisbane. I always get more ashy tones put in and a bit of a trim to get rid of those split ends. I love seeing Mia as she has amazing hair knowledge as well as good judgement with what your next hair move should be.”


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“I see Jake at Wilson Marz. He gets my relaxed bayalage brief, and will suggest I use treatments at home without making me feel guilty about my perpetually damaged hair.”


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“I go to Sarah at Edwards and Co in Byron. She’s so good at maintaining my blonde. I’m pretty blonde in summer because I’m always in the ocean, but during winter when it starts to go a bit darker she does some awesome fine foiling and freehand balayage underneath to keep it looking fresh and creamy.”

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