‘Hair Nails’ Are Here To Ruin Your Entire Day / Week / Month / Year

Ever heard of trichophobia? It’s the morbid and irrational fear of hair and hair loss, and people suffering from it literally cannot stand the sight or feeling of loose hairs on clothing, pillows, furniture etc.

As a sufferer myself (the sight of a lone hair on my shoulder in the shower triggers a full body reaction), the latest ‘nail art’ trend bamboozling the Internet has got me dry-heaving.

It’s our sad duty to introduce you to ‘hair nails’, the unholy brainchild by 22-year-old South Korean student and self-prescribed “illusion artist” Dain Yoon.

She posted photos of her brain fart to Twitter and they’ve since gone viral.

Can you imagine trying to eat with those things? You’re guaranteed a side of hair with your sushi.

If you thought still images of Yoon’s ‘nail art’ (a stretch, tbh) were bad, brace yourself for this video of her fingers interacting.

Stop trying to make hair nails happen, they’re not gonna happen.