Those Stretchy, Stabby Headbands You Wore In The Early 00’s Are Back, Babey

The early Noughties was a beaut time for scraping your hair off your face with more-than-mildly aggressive hair tools. Whether it was those claw clips that held your twisted pony with a death-grip level vice, or those scary, poky ‘Topsy Turvy’ things with the loop that you twisted your hair through to make… well, this:

Source: Scunci

It was basically a time for painful yet effective hair styling.

We’ve already seen the return of the claw clip at Alexander Wang this Fashion Month, and now Prabal Gurung’s decided that’s not enough 00’s nostalgia – we also need these scary headbands again.

The great news is you absolutely have one of these in your old plastic glittery makeup case that also contains 5 spilled lip glosses and a very expired hair mascara.

The bad news is they really gave you quite the headache, and judging by that styling, the raked back look is coming along with ’em.


Cool, it’s not like I wanted to retain my natural hairline and not develop patterned baldness or anything, guys.