New York Fashion Week might seem like nothing to folks who DGAF about anything to do with fashion – like a big wank-fest of stupid people who wear ridiculous garb no one would ever be caught dead in normally.

Except you’d be wrong. As Miranda Priestly schooled us all on in Devil Wears Prada, all fashion drips down to the masses, so scoffing runway trends is a joke.

So listen the fuck up, because the fact Alexander Wang walked 90’s claw clips down his runway means we’ll absolutely be wearing them in under a years time.

The hair was by Redken, who gave us a primo close-up via Instagram:

TBH I for one am here for this. These are the laziest form of hairstyling and I am all about being a lazy fucker. However, I did remember two things about these bad boys.

One, the amount of times I stabbed/scraped my scalp locking one in. Ow-Fucking-Ouch.

Two, the claw bits would always snap at some point but bc I was far too lazy to just buy a new one, I’d just keep using my shitty broken claw clip and then hair would get tangled in the broken bits and just NIGHTMARE LIFE.

Anyway now I’m just rambling on! Go buy claw clips guys! I did a quick search and Lady Jayne have loads, as well as ASOS so go for it (I already bought mine so now you may shop them).

Image: Getty Images