Happy 420, These Products Will Let You Smell Like Weed But Not In A Dank / Gross Way

Weed isn’t just a drug, it’s a lifestyle – lol, I can’t believe I wrote that. But you know what I mean, the smell of the marijuanas is associated with free-wheeling hippie lifestyles and being so laid-back you’re basically lying motionless on the floor.

[jwplayer sVILPwzU]

Naturally, there are beauty brands who have picked up on the vibe of people-who-want-to-smell-chilled-out-like-weed-vibes, and have made fragrances that tap into this aesthetic. I am a big fan of these because I like to smell very ~cool~ and ~chill~ even though I am anything but cool and chill.

I wouldn’t say any of these weed perfumes hands-down smell like weed, but they all have that earthy, green feel to them.

1. Malin + Goetz Cannabis

Malin + Goetz Cannabis EDP, 100ml, $252

This is one of my go-to fragrances – it’s insanely green with a woody base – think pepper, lemon, fig and patchouli notes. It’s like what you wish that stoner dude you sleep with smelled like, except instead he smells of wet dog and oily hair.

2. Boy Smells Kush Candle

Boy Smells Kush Candle, $49

Nothing about this candle smells like weed, but it also reminds me of weed somehow. It’s very musky and sweet, and hyper-sexual. What you’d burn when you’ve got someone coming over to smoke and then you both end up having sex, but you’re just like friends but not reeeally but kind of. IDK no labels, beb.

3. Demeter Fragrance Cannabis Flower

Demeter Fragrance Library Cannabis Flower Cologne, $29.95

Demeter are known for their odd scents – their Dirt cologne was a known fave of Kate Moss. They don’t really give much indication of the notes in this one except that it’s “green”, and that it’s floral and spicy as well. It is all of those things, very much cannabis inspired as opposed to full on spliff.

4. D.S. & DURGA Radio Bombay

D.S. & Durga Radio Bombay EDP, 50ml, $268

This one doesn’t call itself cannabis inspired, but to me it’s like a more intense version of Malin + Goetz Cannabis. There’s far more woody vibes to Radio Bombay, thanks to a heavy sandalwood base. But it has those spicy top notes that give it a similar vibe. Very mysterious, I love it.