WATCH: This Scene From ‘Planet Earth 2’ Is The Wildest Action Movie Ever

We all knew Planet Earth 2 was gonna feature some absolutely bonza nature footage that makes you pause and say “okay but seriously how did they film that its not possible they were in the right place at the right time to film that shit surely not”.

But this entry from the most recent episode certainly takes the cake, and proves that the vastness of the natural world provides more thrills than Lethal Weapon II(For the record, Lethal Weapon II provides many thrills).
Basically – and I don’t wanna spoil this for you – it’s a perfectly filmed encounter between a literal army of snakes and some baby iguanas. SPOILET ALERT! The snakes win.

The clip was filmed on Fernandina Island, in the Galápagos Islands. Nature is absolutely hell, folks. It’s hell.
Source & photo: BBC.