Put her in the same vicinity as a dirty street pie, and ex-Bachelorette / hoity-toity legend Laurina Fleure will fucking flip.

Lock her in a room that combines most people’s worst fears – darkness, being buried alive and 45 SNAKES – and she’ll be all like, ‘What, this? It’s actually kind of exhilarating, especially when they start to sex on top of you, spraying you with their snakey sex musk’. 

If you missed ‘I’m A Celebrity’ last night, ‘Straya voted – yet again – for Laurina to play Sacrificial Lamb in a Bush Tucker Trial and endure 12 minutes of being buried neck-deep in baby anacondas, yellow rat snakes, Taiwanese beauty rat snakes, Burmese Pythons and Boa Constrictors for 12 meal stars.

When hosts Chris Brown and Julia Morris told her she’d be confined in the Viper Room, Laurina flat out refused: “I have boundaries and I’m not doing it”, she sobbed.

But, remembering she actually wasn’t a stranger to being locked in a confined space with a bunch of vipers, the ex-Bachie took the challenge in her stride and fucking nailed it – like, barely flinched as she entered the underground tomb and was joined by some of the world’s largest and heaviest snakes.

Look at how stoic she is when Sharron, one of the huge fkn Boas, slithers her way in.

She didn’t even freak out when Dr. Chris told confirmed that, yep, two of the slitheries were so turned on by her presence that they smanged on her. 

No one thought she’d last a minute, let alone 12, and it blew Julia’s mind.

Someone just hand her the trophy or whatever it is they win at the end of this nightmare.

Props to 10 for this very lifelike reenactment of the challenge, too.

You can watch the full challenge HERE.


Photo: Supplied.