WATCH: ‘The Project’ Team Shat Their Dacks Interviewing This Cooked Clown

Tom Ballard is a seasoned media pro. During his career, he’s worked as a stand-up, as half of an incredibly successful radio duo, and also as a co-host of The Project.

Keep that in mind when watching the opening moments of the clip below. Despite his doubtless ability to keep shit under wraps while on-air, the bloke couldn’t help but freak out a lil’ at the sight of professional clown Snuggles. 

What followed was an interview that was terrifying in more ways than one. While the leering, Slipknot-esque presence of Snuggles – real name Jordan Jones – is probably enough to make you find religion, his message was equally batshit freaky. 

According to him, a recent surge of worrying clown-related incidents in the United States, where Snuggles is based, has mobilised some Americans to openly vow violence against any of those face-painted fuckers. 

Snuggles, who openly operates as a clown at a haunted house, reckons a legitimate professional like himself could even be targeted due to that shift in public perception. Not with a flower that squirts water, either – like, honest to goodness violence. 

Does his so-called Clown Lives Matter movement overstep the line in comically-large shoes? Yeah. Is he allowed to actually fear for his safety? Also yeah. Is Ballard getting any sleep tonight? Highly, highly doubtful.


Source and photo: The Project / Twitter.