Too Much Clowning Around In London With 117 ‘Clown’ Related Offenses Reported

London Metropolitan Police recorded a hilariously ridiculous amount of clown related incidents last year. Police probed a total of 117 incidents in London alone involving the word “clown”.

Some of these incidents were no laughing matter.

The surprisingly extensive list includes assaults, frauds, thefts and robberies that in some way shape or form involved clowns or references to clowns. Some examples were as simple as “Victim called a ‘Clown’ as an insult” or “Location contained the word ‘Clown’”. Others were much more specific in their description “Victim dressed as a ‘Clown’ – wearing a black and white Pierrot suit with white face paint”. Seems legit.

In total there were only three incidents, two assaults and one robbery, where it was the victim who was dressed as a clown. On the flip side there were two robberies, one ‘offensive weapon’, one ‘other theft’ and two assaults in which the suspects had been dressed as clowns.

Five suspects had clown tattoos. One suspect “had ‘clown’ like shoes”. One suspect was even described as having hair “like ‘Krusty’ the ‘Clown’”.

Hypothesis? If you dress like a clown, you’re probably a dickhead.

Photo: Scott Gries via Getty