WATCH: The Cheeky As Sin New Lamb Ad Ft. A Diverse Aussie Cast Sharin’ Chops

Earlier this year, Meat & Livestock Australia ran into a speedbump after a releasing an advert for lamb that many believed was offensive to vegans
So this time, they’ve decided to take a different approach – instead basing a new ad on the excellent diversity and multiculturalism that our sunburned country should be celebrating. 
The ad starts with Luke Jacobz telling the camera that he’s there to “address concerns that too many perky white males are contributing to a lack of diversity on our our screens”.
He then walks past a tree and morphs into Indian-Australian actor Arka Das, who then walks around a park introducing heaps of different people from a range of backgrounds, to exemplify the vast range of diversity in Australia. 
He finishes Jacobz’ sentence by saying, “We couldn’t agree more… We’ve got everyone in the room,” as Aboriginal model Samantha Harris hungrily breathes the word ‘lamb’. 
As well as introducing people from a range of different national backgrounds, Das also points out a gay couple with a baby, a deaf woman who asks for more tomato sauce in sign language, and transgender comedian Jordan Raskopoulos, who is introduced as ‘Greek and proud’. 
He also introduces a range of different white people, which includes, “white whites, translucent whites, beige whites, red whites, and dark whites (who are darker than the light-dark guys)”
But the laugh-out-loud moment comes at the end of the video, after Das approaches the barbecue and announces the lamb is ready. Looking at the large group of people, he asks, ‘Who was here first?’
To which, Cathy Freeman and Greg Inglis respond, “Uhh… that would be us.”
Seriously, watch the damn thing, because it’s a masterpiece:
Meat & Livestock Australia marketing director Andrew Howie told Mumbrella that despite the ad being lighthearted and making jokes, MLA are treating the topic of diversity extremely seriously:
“We really thought it was important to highlight that when you watch TV and what you see in the broader media does not reflect what Australia truly looks like.

Really what we were going for was to try to showcase as much diversity as possible. Why are we still talking about not talking about diversity?

It’s quite sad that we have to run a campaign to say ‘hey Australia, you know what, we are really diverse and we should be accepting of everything and everyone’. There is an irony in having to run a campaign in Australia that is multicultural; mix we have to try to showcase the multicultural mix we have.”
This ad comes out only a week after Screen Australia released their impressive ‘Seeing ourselves: Reflections on diversity in Australian TV drama’ study, showing that non-white Australians were grossly underrepresented on Aussie television. 
Source: We Love Our Lamb