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Channel Nine is at the centre of a social media furore over a vaccination PSA that is copping widespread criticism for its apparent total lack of diversity.

The ad, shared across Nine’s official social media channels late yesterday, serves as a general PSA urging Australians from all walks of life to get the COVID-19 vaccine in a bid to “get our lives back to normal.”

The 60-second spot features a string of Nine on-air talent, including the likes of Scott Cam, Hamish BlakeAndy LeeLiz HayesKarl StefanovicAllison Langdon, Georgie GardnerRichard Wilkins, Eddie McGuire, and a string of others.

If you think you’ve spotted a bit of a running theme amongst those names, you’d be about white.

In the hours since it was posted, prominent names across social media have harangued the ad; pointing out that, while the message of the PSA itself carried good intentions, the cast features zero people of colour.

Across today, Brooke Boney‘s name has been trending on Twitter as users questioned why Nine couldn’t even find a way to include the Today Show star, a proud Gamilaroi woman, in the ad.

Nine’s ad comes on the heels of a sweeping – and fairly damning – Media Diversity report that found a staggering 75% of Australia’s on-screen talent comes from an Anglo-Celtic background, while just 6% is either Indigenous or non-European.

At the time of the study’s release in August 2020, Media Diversity Australia director Antionette Lattouf asserted “It is abundantly clear that Australian television news and current affairs media doesn’t reflect its audience and this has a flow on effect as to which stories are covered and how they are framed and told.”

MDA Chair Isabel Lo also added “Unless we see change in both the composition of leadership teams and talent on screen — our media will remain disconnected from audiences whose engagement is already waning.”

In a statement provided to PEDESTRIAN.TV, Michael Healy, 9Network’s Director of Television, said: “As we are in the midst of a global pandemic, 9Network is continuing to support community awareness regarding COVID and to be informed about the vaccination, this is our shot for Australia to be connected again. It is an internal initiative and there will be a number of promos rolled out during this campaign.”