ICYMI, reports have been trickling in the past few weeks that the brand spanking new $5 note has been causing some headaches to those fond of robotransactions i.e. machine-based note-spending, with the supposedly super secure new clear strip not being recognised by vending machines and the like, country-wide.

WATCH: Here’s Where The New 5 Dollarydoo Note Does & Doesn’t Work

Never one to simply accept the reports from the corrupt ruling media elite, PT.V thought we’d take some crispy new fivers out to the streets and try our hand at defeating these intolerant, robo-scum. As it turns out, the rumours are true and the new Pink Lady is indeed cooked.

The winners? Those who loathe human interaction to the point where they exclusively use the self-checkout terminals at Woolies.

The losers? Punters, pokie-fiends, durry-munchers and those hankering for a sweet 3pm sugar-rush via the office vending machine.

Check out the vid below to see how our Social Media Producer Mitch went, and then join us in returning to a nomadic lifestyle where camels are traded for goods and services.

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