Pauline Hanson Tried Sending Stubby Holders To Melbs Tower Residents After Calling Them Drunks

Hey, remember the time One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson called the residents of Melbourne’s locked-down public housing towers “drug addicts” and “alcoholics” from who probably “weren’t doing the right thing”? That racist outburst so over-the-top it convinced The Today Show to axe her from future appearances?

Well, it turns out her party tried mailing One Nation-branded stubby holders to locked-down residents afterwards, along with a hand-written note: “No hard feelings.”

In an extraordinary revelation, The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Hanson & Co. attempted to mail 114 of the fucking things to a tower block in North Melbourne in July.

via One Nation
via One Nation

The packages were reportedly intercepted by the local council, who administered the lockdown (the non-Victoria Police part of it, at least).

According to the paper, council authorities opened one of the parcels addressed to an unoccupied apartment, saw the stubby holders, and decided it was a hugely terrible idea to deliver those neoprene ‘Fuck You!’ messages to residents.

(Side-note: sending stubby holders to folks you called “alcoholics” just days prior? Audacious.)

City of Melbourne chief executive Justin Hanney confirmed to The Sydney Morning Herald that the things weren’t delivered. But the story doesn’t stop there.

It’s been reported that Australia Post boss Christine Holgate threatened to call the cops on the council unless the things were delivered, using a written note from the AusPost’s top brass to say “further steps” would be considered unless the stubby holders ended up in the towers.

Is the ability to deliver mail without interference hugely important? Yes, obviously. Nobody should be fucking around with personal correspondence, and even the decision to restrict One Nation’s shitty ‘gifts’ deserves scrutiny.

But The SMH points out that Australia Post had other concerns at the time.

Back in June, Australia Post nabbed an exemption from rules stating it needs to deliver mail five days a week, meaning it could deliver gear in metro Melbourne every second business day.

That was a boost for the organisation, which has been absolutely pumped by online orders and logistical headaches during the pandemic.

The restrictions are set to expire in June 2021, but the federal opposition wants to change that much sooner.

The SMH reports Australia Post became very friendly with Hanson in July – Hanson being one of the few crossbench senators who could theoretically help to block the move in the Upper House.

There’s a bit going on here, and you should absolutely get your eyes around the report here. The fucking stubby holders, dude…