WATCH: Brissy Legend One-Ups The Shoey With The First Prosthetic “Leggy”

Surprising no-one who’s ever met, lived with, seen on television, or been an Australian person, a man from Brisbane has discovered and popularised a novel means of conveying beer into gullet, and managed to debut the best niche slang term of the year at the same time. 
A video from the fourth day of the first Australia-Pakistan Test shows the unnamed man emptying a beer into the socket of a prosthetic leg and chugging the contents, while the crowd around him chants “Leggy! Leggy!”. Puzzlingly, the guy is definitely standing on two legs – did he bring a spare one just to circumvent the “no funnels” rule at the Gabba? Has he ...borrowed someone’s leg?
More importantly, did this inspired piece of Strayanism contribute to the Aussie cricket team’s eventual win? While further investigation might be necessary, it’s hard to argue with the leggy’s current success rate.
Regardless of match impact, watch him raise that smartly-shod limb skyward like a Viking on a victory bender, his eyes pointing in slightly different directions, while the rest of the munted cricket-goers cheer in borderline religious frenzy, and tell me you won’t be doing your absolute best to attempt the very same thing at the earliest opportunity possible. 
Amputees of Australia, apologies in advance. 
Image: Facebook.