Grace Tame, Australian Of The Year Every Year, Did A Moon Boot Shoey To Celebrate New Year’s

2021’s Australian of the Year and all round icon Grace Tame has brought in the New Year in simply iconic fashion: with a shoey out of her moon boot.

Last week, Tame said she’d formally do the shoe if she got more than 10k likes on one of her Tweets.

Of course, it easily surpassed the 10k mark because let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to see Grace Tame do a moon boot shoey?

Now, once again proving she has more integrity than 99% of Aussie politicians, she’s fulfilled her promise to the public and shared an impressive video of the aforementioned shoey.

Look, if this is how we’re starting 2022, surely it’s already superior to 2021. This has to be a good omen, right guys?

In the minute long vid, Grace Tame – standing in what can only be described as a power stance – chugs a can of Cascade Draught through god’s most cursed straw.

The tinnie is poured elegantly into the toe of the boot, down the leg cavity and out of the boot’s top, a sheer feat of drinking engineering.

The vid is accompanied by the dulcit backing tones of Jimmy Barnes‘s Working Class Man and some truly excellent camera work.

The video leaves me with many questions including: what was the boot lined with? Did the potential lingering feet smell add a craft-beer esque aroma to the shoey? Is this going to be the next big Australian drinking trend?

I can only dream of a world where house parties are dominated by people drinking out of moon boots instead of wine strung along a Hills Hoist washing line. This is the march of progress etc, etc.

Obviously, Grace Tame was applauded on Twitter for her noble and impressive sculling.

Honestly, can you get voted as Australian of the Year twice? Surely there’s a petition or something.

And here’s to Australia’s best new drinking tradition: the NYE moon boot shoey. Happy Shoe Year indeed.