What do you get when you combine the most insufferable, narcissistic people alive and bizarre, arbitrary system of rules designed to facilitate argument? Either ‘The Bachelor‘ or parliament – the biggest difference between the two is that taxpayers aren’t forking out a million billion dollars to make sure the people on ‘The Bachelor‘ can fight (advertisers are).

Against all odds, Derryn Hinch naming pedophiles in his maiden speech wasn’t even the most ridiculous thing to have happened, with a bunch of Coalition senators filibustering for a period of four hours to prevent the Senate from adjourning before question time.

The Government had two bills to debate today but they had not passed in the House of Representatives before the Senate started at 10am, which resulted in them waffling about TV shows and places in Australia they liked.

Queensland senator James McGrath took time to talk about the Australian flags visible in his favourite TV program, ‘Night Of The Proms‘:

Nationals senator Bridget McKenzie took the time to praise her colleagues, which she did an amazing job of, forgetting the name of one and implying that another looked stupid:

“In the seat of McEwan we ran … Andrew. Andrew, Andrew … it will come to me. Andrew runs a … stock feeds store, in, ah, in … I’m sorry, madam deputy president, a stock foods store in a place starting with ‘T’.”

I’m sure James Anderson, the man to whom she was trying and failing to refer to, will be super chuffed with this, as will Nigel Scullion:

“He’s a deep thinker. You wouldn’t think it but he actually is.”

Resources minister Matt Canavan charmingly used his expensive waste of time to talk about a chia seed factory and Linda Reynolds gave a much less quaint rundown of why we need to repeal Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act.

What a time to be alive.

Source: The Guardian.

Photo: Twitter / @WorkmanAlice.