Anyone who’s ever watched a Question Time, particularly one from the Upper House, knows that they can be frightfully boring affairs even at the best of times.

But that’s the luxury of not being a politician: You can just switch that bad boy off and go do something else. The publicly elected officials in the chamber however, you’d expect to at least be able to keep their eyes open throughout proceedings.

But it took all of one day before newly installed Senator Derryn Hinch to find the whole thing just a little bit too much to deal with.

Maybe the senate’s climate control was set at a temperature that was just a smidge too cosy. Maybe those chamber benches are way more comfortable than they look. Maybe it was the pomp and circumstance of it all. But Hinch spent at least part of his very first day in the senate rockin’ a wee little snooze.

Or, to put this in the context of a deftly crafted pop culture reference:

So how do you bounce back from a first day on the job where you were literally caught napping?

You shove a handful of No-Doz down your gob and crank this shit up to 11, apparently.

Yes, the Human Headline himself apparently hepped himself up to the teeth on goofballs and didn’t so much walk into the senate chambers as more vibrated so hard he hovered three inches off the ground, if his strung out pupils in that photo are anything to go by.

This the Parliament you wanted, Turnbull. You got sick of the motley crew of crossbench senators holding your shit up in the last senate, so you changed the way voting worked and instead wound up with a professional media shit-stirrer who snoozed on day one and rocked up on day two with the heart-rate of a hummingbird.

Way to go, champ.

Source: Twitter.

Photo: Derryn Hinch/Twitter.