Derryn Hinch just went ahead and did it. He actually unloaded the names of paedophiles in the Senate, just like he said he would. 

After prefacing his list with the qualifier he’s “not a cowboy” who would only spill the names as a “last resort”, Hinch spoke the names of several convicted sex offenders in a manner that’d probably get him arrested anywhere outside of Parliament House.

In one of the more stunning (mis)uses of parliamentary privilege this side of… well, ever, the Justice Party senator finally achieved his goal of dodging the kind of suppression orders that landed him in home detention in 2011.

Of course, it’s all a part of his platform to institute a US-style sexual offender register in Australia. “The public has a right to know, parents, trying to protect their vulnerable kids, have a right to know,” Hinch said.

“You have a right to know who is living next door to your family.”

Deviations into the ban of live exports, the expansion of organ donation programs, and his campaign against compulsory voting took a back seat to that stunning onslaught. 

Look out for those names in Hansard. We live in interesting times, folks. 

Source and photo: Parliament Of Australia.