Turns Out Tinder Tests Features In Oz First, Probs Bc Of Our Rampant Thirst

Australia is known for a few things: dangerous animals; intense heat; a dry, laconic sense of humour; and being mad keen for a root all the time.
While the last one might seem objectively unprovable and also a ridiculous thing to claim when a fair chunk of all the people on the planet are mad keen to root all the time, but there might be at least some stock in it, with Tinder electing to choose Australia as their testing ground for new features thanks to the fact that we are “more open-minded and quicker to try new things“.
I for one feel like I personally am extremely keen to try new shit on the futuristic app that lets you almost instantly find people to have sex with, so logically that feels true of the rest of the population.
In a chat with Mashable, founder Sean Rad said that Australia was the “perfect space” for rolling out new shit, partially because we have really good smartphone penetration (if you laugh at that you’re a child) and closely resemble the US, but also because we’re liable to complain in very detailed ways:
“They’ll send in customer support feedback or feedback on Twitter, or try and reach out to tell us what they like or don’t like.”

He also took the time to talk about the future of Tinder on VR, which sounds absolutely bloody wild:

“I don’t think it’s crazy to think that one day we’ll be wearing a contact lens or glasses and … talking to a Tinder assistant that is helping you make sense of the real world and plan your date for tonight,” he said. “I think it will just get smarter and more hands-free.”
What a time to be alive.
Source: Mashable.