Tourist Surfing Off NSW Coast Gets Bitten Square On The Arse By Toey Shark

We’ve heard of a bad idea biting you on the arse before, but this is taking things quite literally.

A Spanish tourist out to ride the big one has instead had an arse-to-mouth encounter with curious shark, who bit him square on the bum.
Gonzalo Mompo Fernandez was out bodyboarding with fellow tourists at the popular spot at The Farm, at the Killalea State Park reserve just south of Wollongong on Sunday evening when the incident occurred.
Fernandez, along with three others, had been on a day-long surfing trip together after meeting each other at a hostel in Avalon.
They were paddling out at around 6:30pm yesterday evening when the shark apparently sunk its teeth into Fernandez’ backside. Jordan Hirst, a 21-year-old British backpacker who was with Fernandez at the time, summed the incident up quite eloquently:

“We were paddling for a wave, or just going over the lip of a wave, and then the shark’s come up the back and tried to grab hold of his arse.”

Hirst explained that Fernandez then made attempts to fight the shark off before the curious critter swam away.

“He’s tried to bash it off and it kept swimming up … a few guys saw the tail like splashing around.”

“The shark was pushing itself on top of him. He was on a boogie board, so like lying down with his feet in the water, and it’s come up the back and the tail’s been smashing him on the leg.”

Fernandez was assessed at the scene, but his injuries fortunately did not require any medical treatment.

“There’s a few small like puncture wounds under his arse cheek. He’s super lucky … if it’d been down a bit lower it’d be a different story, I think.”

According to state park authorities, the breed of shark involved in the attack was not known.

Now that, folks, is saving your own arse.
Photo: Killalea State Park/Facebook.