Another Surfer In Ballina Attacked By A Shark 3 Weeks After Cooper Allen

A surfer at Ballina in northern NSW has been attacked by a shark, mere weeks after 17-year-old Cooper Allen was attacked by a Great White in the same area.

According to reports, the 25-year-old was not hurt but sustained minor injuries to his right lower leg.

The bloke was surfing at Sharps Beach when the shark attached the tail of his board, taking a sizeable chunk out.

According to The Australian, the bloke presented himself to Ballina District Hospital and is likely to go home this afternoon after receiving one suture.

The attack comes mere weeks after Allen was attacked by a Great White at the nearby Lighthouse Beach, sustaining four vicious-looking bite marks in his lower leg.

All beaches in the Ballina Shire area have now been closed for 24 hours with lifesavers patrolling the water.

Photo: Twitter / Bianca Stone.