This Dress Costs $560 & Twitter Is Absolutely Savaging Its Sister-Wife Ass

Fashion can be a tricky thing. One minute you’re rocking low-rise flares and body glitter and rushing out to get the Christina ‘do (black and blonde, baby, ain’t nothing classier than that) – the next, everyone’s in high-waisted boyfriend jeans and cold-shoulder tops. It can be baffling, and crazy-making, and deeply disorienting – how many times have you found yourself wondering, “Is that really cool?

In the case of the $565 ($US450) Sequoia dress by label Creatures of Comfort, you can feel at least a smidgen of relief. The answer, in this instance, is definitively “no“.

No, this dowdy, over-priced, baby-shit brown marquee is not cool. It is not farshon. It is definitely not worth more than half a grand.

And although we may all be slaves to changing trends, even the slavish amongst us couldn’t have the wool (or cotton/poly blend) pulled over our eyes by this sackcloth monstrosity.

Not today, Fashion Satan. Not today.