I’m a pretty big fan of Cotton On – for a while there I thought maybe I shouldn’t be, given the brand’s ethos is all about fast fashion and cheap prices, I assumed there must be some unethical production going on. But they actually scored a strong A- in the recent Ethical Fashion Guide by Baptist World Aid – have a look at their sustainability section of their site for the ins and outs of how they got there.

In the past I’ve really only hit up Cotton On for basics and lounge wear – I liked their style-led pieces, but it wasn’t really my personal vibe. That is, until I set foot in a store yesterday and bought two dresses, with my eye on several more.

One I wore to work today, and so far I’ve fielded six compliments/questions about it – with every person shocked when I told them the dress wasn’t in fact a luxe niche designer, but Cotton On.

PSA: Noooo, this is not #sponsoredcontent. I just found a dress that was cheap and cute, and wanted to tell you in case you also like cute, cheap dresses. OK? OK.

Here’s the dress, by the way:

Cotton On Woven Bernie Dress, $44.99

I’m not 100% sure that pic does it justice – IRL, this dress has a real Reformation vibe. You know, that painfully cool 90s-influenced US brand where everything is upwards of $150? In fact, I had someone ask if it WAS Reformation, while others were shocked when I told them it was from Cotton On. Safe to say I think our office will be wearing it as a uniform soon.

It’s not just this dress that’s killer at Cotton On right now, either. I also bought this Realisation Par vibey thing:

Ivy Dress, $49.99

And I’ll be getting one (or both) of these pinafores when my next pay rolls around – pinafores are the BEST for layering in A/W.

Front Pokcet Denim Pinafore, $44.99
Ava Cord Pinafore, $44.99

Notable mentions to some items that aren’t my personal style but are nonetheless extremely excellent, like this cord mini that my boss Josie has, which I complimented her on not once, but twice – not realising it was the same skirt lol.

Havana Mini, $39.95

And this is just SUCH mid-90s heaven.

Mindy Skirt, $39.99

Also – there’s SO many cute slip skirts, including ones across their new Curve plus-size range.

Belle Midi, $34.99

Anyway I’m going to shut up about Cotton On now, and likely cry when my cute pinafores sell out by tomorrow bc you all get in before I can scrounge my $$$ together.

Image: A Cinderella Story