The ‘Women’s Weekly’ Twitter Went On The Fritz Today & Shit Got Weird

Say what you will about ‘Women’s Weekly‘, it is definitely a magazine. Read almost exclusively by people stuck in laundromats and waiting rooms, it has probably never provided as much entertainment as it did today when their Twitter went on the fritz.
From the looks of it, whatever tool they use to autopost their published stories to Twitter just up and decided that posting only the captions without the links would be a great idea. 
It turns out, without context, most of these things sound batshit insane – like “Baby born without eyes” and “Iconic ice block of our youth GONE“. After a while they fixed the error and deleted the tweets but, luckily for us, one heroic Twitter used managed to screenshot the good ones:

After this point they cottoned on and deleted them, except for one poignant stray that briefly slipped through the cracks:

This might have been a gross oversight on their part but from where I’m sitting, it’s the best work they’ve ever done.
Photo: Twitter / @TiButler.