Ok But Why Is Jacinda Ardern’s Attempt At A Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake So Fkn Wholesome

jacinda ardern women's weekly cake

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has yet again proved to be an absolute national treasure after making her bebe daughter Neve another iconic Women’s Weekly birthday cake.

The best part about childhood birthdays was always the moment your mum would bust out the Australian Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book and let you pick which tasty masterpiece she’d spend the whole day trying to perfect. And as luck would have it, the NZ Prime Minister has already made the Women’s Weekly baking sesh a birthday tradition for baby Neve.

She wowed fans last year when she showed off her 10/10 baking skills with a bunny rabbit cake, but she’s upped the ante this year with the iconic piano design for Neve’s second birthday.

Ardern took to Instagram to show off her baking skills.

“Cake making lesson number two- don’t focus on making the cake look in proportion with little to no attention on structural integrity….there is a jar of lentils propping this thing up,” she captioned the post. “Happy Birthday Neve! Thanks for ignoring all of the imperfections in life and just being a joy.”

The post quickly amassed nearly 200,000 likes, with thousands of fans from across the globe wishing baby Neve a happy birthday in the comments.

Although it’s not perfect, the cake is a step up from last year’s bunny cake, which the PM claimed was improved by the fact that you can “legitimately cover [it] in coconut.”

“I recommend cakes that you can legitimately cover in coconut – it hides almost everything.”

Nothing quite says “I love you” like a homemade birthday cake, especially when it’s one of the iconic recipes from Women’s Weekly. These cakes aren’t easy, take it from our Features Editor Mel, who attempted the cursed Jelly Pool Cake earlier this year with… questionable results.

Jacinda Ardern and her long-term partner Clarke Gayford celebrated baby Neve Te Aroha Ardern Gayford’s birthday on Sunday, with the help of a delicious-looking cake.

She’s gone two-for-two so far, and honestly, I look forward for a lifetime of Jacinda sharing her birthday baking skills with us all. In a few short years I’d be willing to bet she’s on Hamish Blake’s baking levels.