We Had To Look At This Unbelievably Nightmarish Jacinda Ardern Cake And Now You Do Too

A horrific cake resembling nothing but nightmares was baked on Kiwi primetime TV, and it’s supposed to resemble Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, apparently.

Like a melting skeleton crying into the abyss, the cake depicts the Kiwi PM eyes wide, mouth open and hair flowing.

The cake was even garnished with that one item that everyone love to see in a dessert: real false teeth.

On Instagram, the baker later declared she was “deeply sorry” for the cake.

“I truly tried my best with what I had available,” she wrote.

The monstrosity came about on a Tuesday night episode of Seven Sharp, when comedian Laura Daniel challenged host Hilary Barry to a bake-off.

To make the challenge interesting, they had just two hours to bake a Kiwi icon without using flour.

Barry baked a pavlova in the form of Aoraki (Mt Cook), New Zealand’s highest mountain. Very nice, very normal and, probably, very delicious.

Daniel took a different route, and instead conjured Ardern’s likeness into a flourless, licorice-laced hellscape-on-a-plate. It’s what Kiwis apparently call a “lolly cake”, which is exactly what it sounds like.

The choice didn’t come as a surprise, however. Daniel has previously impersonated Ardern on TV, and has publicly described her as a “hero”.

Unfortunately in this case, the result looked like less of a tribute and more like some kind of sick Rorschach test where the only possible answer is a wailing Jacinda Ardern.

But some people viewed it differently. In an inexplicable turn of events, the competition was declared a tie by the judges.

Ardern was less diplomatic, literally commenting two “flushed face” emojis in the Insta comments.

Two flushed face emojis indeed, Ms Prime Minister.