When everything’s falling apart in life, sometimes you’ve just gotta dedicate your evening to self-care, cue up 4 episodes of The Crown, and put on an epic face mask.

Some face masks will work harder than others, however. And on a truly shithouse day, you want something that’s going to do more than make your face smell nice and give it a little bit more hydration. You turn to the big guns. The ones that, when you remove ’em, LITERALLY make a difference to your skin.

We rounded up those 10/10 masks that hide a multitude of (partying, crying, eating shit food) sins for you.


Origins Original Skin Mask, $37

If your skin is feeling blah as all hell (read: clogged pores, dull looking, bit of a rough texture to it) this is your baby. The rose clay smells heavenly so it’s got that pampering vibe on lock, and doesn’t dry out your skin as long as you rinse it within the directed time. Skin feels softer and smoother, and looks brighter. Also, it’s pink! Like, when it’s on! Cute! Novelty! Instagram-worthy!


Eve Lom Rescue Mask, $103

This pricey baby is well worth that 3 digit tag – trust me. I’ve gone on about it before, but this really does transform my skin. It’s my go to after I’ve been sick for a while (the grossest skin ever occurs after you’ve been sick IMO) or whenever I feel like my skin is just fucked and everything in my life sucks because of it. This calms, smoothes, decongests, brightens – the lot. It smells a bit weird and medical but to be honest that just adds to it’s “Hello, Dr. Eve Lom in the house to fix your life” vibe.


Go-To Skincare Transformazing Sheet Mask, Pack of 6, $45

MATE. Is Zoe Foster-Blake taking that weird drug from the movie Limitless? The one that makes you ridiculously smart? Because I am yet to see her produce something shit, tbh. This face mask is the BOMB DOT COM. It’s super hydrating for parched skin, extremely soothing, and when I take it off my skin looks like an angel’s ass – which I’ve decided is the glowyest, smoothest area of an angel. In short – it’s the tits. Also, this totally saved my skin when my boyfriend dumped me, I’m serious. I used it 3 days in a row. SEE YA, PUFFY CRY CHEEKS.


Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Gel Mask, $73

The Rose Stem Cell range from Peter Thomas Roth is at cult status among the beauty obsessives of the world. This is the mask to pick up if you feel like ageing (ugh can’t we just all stay 18 skin-wise?) is hitting you hard, slashhhhh you had 10 margaritas on Friday night, then smoked even though you said you’d quit, then slept in your makeup. It’s all about hydrating, lifting and firming and it does it’s job damn well.


Aspect Probiotic Sleep Mask, $59

Guys, I don’t even understand probiotics. They’re… good? For you? Anyway, I live by this mask for when my skin feels tight and dry, and a bit irritated – I pop it on before bed (it sits like a gel moisturiser on skin, so it’s not gross and hectically sticky) and it soothes my sad skin state. I wake up with softer, clearer-looking skin. Nice job.


111SKIN Bio-Cellulose Mask, $159

This mask works hard for the money – but it also costs a LOTTA money, so I understand if you’re clutching your pearls right now. Haha! That’s funny because you don’t have pearls, bc you’re broke. Just kidding. Anyway, before I push you away with my R U M B L E S, I will say this mask is damn good. DAMN good. Especially if you’ve got skin that’s a little on the sensitive side – there’s no fragrances in this baby, and it’s one of those sheet masks that gives your skin a complete overhaul – hi, dewy vibes! Hello and welcome, bright complexion!


Sukin Super Greens Detoxifying Clay Mask, $16.99

Clay masks are epic for anyone who has congested skin (read: your skin feels gross and clogged all the time). This guy draws out impurities from pores, and when you rinse it off you just feel CLEAN and FRESH, you know? Like your face had a really long session with a psychologist.


Sisley Express Flower Gel Mask, $160

Sisley is notoriously luxe and therefore gonna cost the $$$$ but this mask – man. Emily Ratajkowski once said she religiously uses it when she flies long-haul, so I tried it (very Mean Girls of me) and she’s ON THE MONEY, YOU GUYS. It just draws in moisture from god knows where, keeps it in your skin, and tightens everything up to boot. I’ve gotten off planes looking BETTER than I did when I went on. So, you know. Money well spent IMO.

Image: Go-To Skincare