Now that the whole of Victoria has to wear face masks, and many more people around Australia are looking to mask up while out in public, it’s time to look at style options. Just because we’re all wearing masks doesn’t mean we have to look like we’re fresh from a worksite, or that we can’t make stylish face masks a statement item in our daily getup (if we even leave the house, that is.)

There’s no shame in wanting to make your mask work in with your outfit – as long as you’re wearing ones that will actually protect you – so here are a bunch of face masks that are, dare I say it, on-trend or at least a bit chicer than your run-of-the-mill disposable types.

Stylish Face Masks To Wear So You Can Look Slick While Keeping Safe

1. Everlane

An international contender to kick things off, these trés stylish Everlane face masks are made from a double-layer knit fabric with cotton-lycra earloops that shouldn’t irritate the backs of your ears as much as straight elastic ones do. A five-pack will set you back $36, and they’re expected to ship from mid-September. Also being part of the 100% Human range means that 10% of sales gets donated to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

stylish face masks
Everlane 100% Human Tie Dye Face Mask 5-Pack – $36

2. Cotton On

Cotton On are now selling washable, reusable cloth face masks as part of the Cotton On Foundation range, in a couple of very nice little materials. They’re being sold as part of the Cotton On Foundation range – like the tote bags, bottled water, and other little things you can grab at the registers – and 100% of the proceeds go to empowering youth through education and access to healthcare.

cotton on face mask buy online
Cotton on Foundation Face Mask – $9.99

3. The Iconic

Not only does The Iconic have a heap of reusable masks ranging from slick neoprene mask packs and handle little cotton ones, but it’s also got a bunch of full personal hygiene packs that include a disposable mask, hand sanitiser, antibacterial wipes, gloves, and more. I mean you could just repurpose that little pack for your reusable mask and then you’re set for every trip out of the house.

where to buy face masks australia
H WOOD Neoprene Face Mask 2-Pack – $34.99


These Remnant masks are true to their name, because they’re made from remnants of sampling scraps from the KITX label. It’s the first time they’ve ventured into face masks, and these ones also feature layers of luxe Belgium hemp and silk. The linen remnants are from the current designs so you can match them with the full range, or use them as a beaut little statement piece.

stylish face masks
KITX Remnant Mask – $25

5. Sara Sidari

Featuring prints of those popular line drawings that Sara Sidari is known for, these chic and stylish linen face masks are easily paired with any outfit. Either grab them on their own or get a three-pack with the black, white, and beige options so you can work it into any look.

They’re made with three layers of material, including an outer pure linen shell, a cotton middle layer, and a softer inner layer of jersey, so your delicate face skin doesn’t get all bunged up.

stylish face masks
Sara Sidari Three-Layer Pure Linen Mask – $32


Understandably hot property, these stylish (and adorable) face masks from Ge.LABEL are currently on pre-order for $29.95 a pop. Made from three layers of cotton fabric and instead opting for fabric ties instead of elastic, these masks also match a bunch of other accessories in the Ge.LABEL range.


Tailor-made from seersucker pre-washed cotton (kinda like a cheesecloth, if you’re leaning into the cottagecore vibe) these masks from E NOLAN also feature an extra pocket inside if you want to pop in a filter for more protection. They’ve also got a sneaky concealed wire across the nose so you can mould them to your face better, and come in a pretty solid range of colours.

reusable face masks
E NOLAN (Fabulous) Face Mask – $23

8. HoMie

If you’re looking to pay it forward while also protecting yourself, HoMie are giving away a mask to someone in need for every one bought. Made from two layers of polyester interlock fabric, these masks are currently on pre-order for express shipping anywhere in Australia before the end of August.

HoMie face masks
HoMie Ocean Face Mask – $25

9. A.BCH

Created from two layers of organic cotton – a ribbed outer layer and a lighter jersey inner – only 350 of these stylish face masks from A.BCH were made, before being put into their core range. Masks are put up for pre-order on Sundays at 9am AEST for 48 hours only (seriously, that’s how popular they are) and are then shipped within two weeks.

stylish face masks
A.BCH Face Mask – $33

10. ftc.

Made by a collective in Sydney, ftc is short for ‘flatten the curve’, which wearing face masks will absolutely help to do. Handemade locally in Sydney and made with two layers of 60% linen and 40% cotton, these masks have a mouldable nose piece, elasticated ear loops and a pocket to slip in a replaceable carbon filter if you want.

stylish face masks
ftc. Oat Linen Face Mask – $40


Made from two layers of high-grade mulberry silk and an inner layer of cotton, the Shhh Silk masks have an added bonus of being a lot more gentle on your skin than other materials. Lots of people have noticed they’re copping acne breakouts after wearing a mask for a long time, and the breathable nature of pure silk can help aid that fun new kind of skin crisis.

These masks are currently on preorder and are expected to ship by mid-August.

silk face masks
SHHH Silk Face Mask – $35

12. Sample Room

Headed up by fashion industry pro Julia Van Der Sommen, Sample Room creates ethically-accredited face masks and scrubs for the Melbourne community out of its Collingwood workrooms. During the pandemic, they’ve opened up to the wider community, sewing and selling WHO-compliant face masks with three layers of protection, including a hydrophobic outer layer, and a gentle cotton jersey inner layer.

The fabrics Sample Room have chosen are local too, with materials coming from a Geelong-based weaving mill and a knitting mill in Spotswood.

melbourne face masks
Sample Room Reusable Mask – $26

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Image: Everlane / A.BCH