Here’s 11 Cute Face Masks To Buy If You Want To Retain Some Semblance Of Identity In This Era

stylish face masks
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Alright, folks, you know the drill. Melbourne’s lockdown is currently extended. Sydney is now deep into a multi-week lockdown. New restrictions are popping up across the rest of the country.

Yes, it does all feel like deja vu, however, it is important that you keep yourself and others safe with a mask.

While it’s long been encouraged that everyone keeps a mask on them at all times, plenty of people have just been making do with those cheap chemist options, which suck for both the environment and your skin. My friends, it’s time to look at more long-term solutions that also shows off a bit of your unique ~personality~ too.

That said, it’s important to remember to wash your mask regularly – a cheeky handwash in warm water and sanitising laundry liquid, or a hot wash in a delicates bag once a week is a good habit to get into.

Stylish Face Masks To Wear So You Can Look Slick While Keeping Safe

1. Amazon

Amazon stocks everything. They’ve got as much weird shit as they do essentials and their selection of masks is simply gigantic. You can cop branded masks like these adidas ones, a variety of patterned and coloured masks, or, if those aren’t your vibe, they also stock a trusty and chic black cotton mask that’ll match every fit whether you’re home or out and about in a coupla (hopefully) weeks time.

Amazon 3 layer Black Cotton Mask – $7.88

2. Everlane

These trés stylish Everlane face masks are made from a double-layer knit fabric with cotton-lycra earloops that shouldn’t irritate the backs of your ears as much as straight elastic ones do. A five-pack will set you back around $15 (which is a bargain if you ask me). Also being part of the 100% Human range means that 10% of sales gets donated to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

stylish face masks

Everlane 100% Human Face Mask – $15

3. Cotton On

Cotton On are selling washable, reusable cloth face masks as part of the Cotton On Foundation range, in a few very nice little materials. They’re being sold as part of the Cotton On Foundation range – like the tote bags, bottled water, and other little things you can grab at the registers – and 100% of the proceeds go to empowering youth through education and access to healthcare.

fabric face masks reusable

Foundation Face Mask – $9.99

4. The Iconic

The Iconic has a whole bunch of great options, depending on what you’re after. There’s neoprene masks from H WOOD, cotton masks from Cupid’s Millinery, multi-packs of anti-microbial cotton masks from Primness, reversible masks from Ford Millinery, and organic cotton options from Hope & Harvest. Prices range from $6 (on sale) through to $170 for family packs (featuring adult and kids sizes), so there really is something for everyone.

fabric face masks reusable

Ford Millinery White Cheetah Reversible Fabric Face Mask – $49.95


These Remnant masks are true to their name, because they’re made from remnants of sampling scraps from the KITX label. It’s the first time they’ve ventured into face masks, and these ones also feature layers of luxe Belgium hemp and silk. The linen remnants are from the current designs so you can match them with the full range, or use them as a beaut little statement piece.

stylish face masks

KITX Remnant Mask – $25


Understandably hot property, these stylish (and adorable) face masks from Ge.LABEL are currently on pre-order for $29.95 a pop, and at time of writing are on sale for $19.95 – love a bargain. Made from three layers of cotton fabric and instead opting for fabric ties instead of elastic, these masks also match a bunch of other accessories in the Ge.LABEL range.

Fashion Face Mask – $19.95


Tailor-made from seersucker pre-washed cotton (kinda like a cheesecloth, if you’re leaning into the cottagecore vibe) these masks from E NOLAN also feature an extra pocket inside if you want to pop in a filter for more protection. They’ve also got a sneaky concealed wire across the nose so you can mould them to your face better, and come in a pretty solid range of colours.

reusable face masks australia

E NOLAN Adjustable Seersucker Face Mask – $23

8. HoMie

If you’re looking to pay it forward while also protecting yourself, 100% of profits from HoMie face masks go into the brand’s mission to support young people affected by homelessness and hardship. Made from two layers of polyester interlock fabric, and will set you back $25 a pop.

fabric face masks reusable

HoMie Zebra Face Mask – $25

9. ftc.

Made by a collective in Sydney, ftc is short for ‘flatten the curve’, which wearing face masks will absolutely help to do. Handmade locally in Sydney and made with two layers of 60% linen and 40% cotton, these masks have a mouldable nose piece, elasticated ear loops and a pocket to slip in a replaceable carbon filter if you want.

reusable masks australia

ftc. Oat Linen Face Mask – $40


Made from two layers of high-grade mulberry silk and an inner layer of cotton, the Shhh Silk masks have an added bonus of being a lot more gentle on your skin than other materials. Lots of people have noticed they’re copping acne breakouts after wearing a mask for a long time, and the breathable nature of pure silk can help aid that fun new kind of skin crisis.

silk face masks

SHHH Silk Face Mask – $35

11. Dangerfield

Depending on whether you want a mask to match your loud-ass tartan pants or something gingham to go with all the other cottagecore energy in your wardrobe, Dangerfield has you sorted. At the time of writing, the masks are on sale, so you could add a grungy edge to your mask collection for the price of a couple of coffees. They’ll normally set you back $15, though.

reusable masks australia

Red Tartan Mask – $15