We Tried That Foreo UFO Gadget That Gives Face Mask Results In 90 Secs

Face masking is undeniably a massive trend these days – while it’s hard to pinpoint when the age-old skincare step became such a common occurrence in our everyday lives, you can’t deny that everyone’s frothing on a sheet mask and a vino to try and fix all of life’s problems after a wild Sat night out.

The only issue? Face masks usually take minimum 5 minutes to do their job. Most of the time it’s over 10. They’re also essentially just the process of putting active ingredients on your face and lying around waiting for them to do stuff. Which they can absolutely do – but visible results aren’t always immediate.

Foreo – the company behind those vibrating cleansing tools everyone seems to have – sent me a sample of their new UFO recently. It literally looks like a UFO, which is why they called it the UFO, I assume. It’s basically a small circle thing with a sell that it will give you face mask results in 90 seconds, thanks to a bunch of tech where it buzzes and warms up/emits LED lights.


I mean, the tech is legit. The LED lights are actually LED light therapy, which you might be across but in case you aren’t – LED light therapy went gangbusters with the rise of Omnilux, an in-salon treatment where you sit under bright LED lights that help combat everything from acne to scarring to signs of ageing. The UFO uses red, green and blue LED lights at different times.

The buzzing is thanks to T-sonic pulsations, which Foreo say help promote micro blood circulation. It’s basically like massaging your face without having to go through the arduous process of massaging your face. And that is legit something loads of facialists will tell you is key to promoting collagen production and radiant skin.

Finally, the UFO uses Thermo-Therapy (heating up) and Cryo-Therapy (cooling). You can alternate with these as one is best suited to the day masks, and one to the night. Thermo-Therapy helps the masks ingredients penetrate into the skin, while Cryo-Therapy helps with firming.

Okay, enough explanation of tech – although you’re only buying this for the tech, right? I gave it a spin yesterday using the “Make My Day” mask – basically, Foreo provide you with a mini sheet mask that clips into the machine – it’s the size of Gatorade cap, and soaked in serum. FYI, you can buy more of the face masks – they’re $15.30 for a pack of 7, which is pretty dece tbh.

It also has a whole phone app you can connect the device to, that’ll guide you through your 90 seconds, and can also be used to create a personalised skin profile. I didn’t use this bc my wifi was being a lil’ bitch.

I clicked the little device on and got to work. You basically just have to move it around your face using circular motions, and it does the rest, alternating from warming, to vibrating, to different LED lights. The warming sensation is mild and enjoyable, not hot and scary by the way. It was easy as hell and I did it all while standing in front of my bathroom mirror.

I have to admit I wasn’t expecting it to do much. It was such a short time! So I was shocked to find my skin was in primo condition after the 90 second routine. Like, AMAZING condition. It felt hydrated, my skin tone looked more even (I get redness on my cheeks and that was significantly diminished), and I just looked fresh. You know the nice, zesty look you have after a long lie-down under a sheet mask? Those vibes. PLUS, my skin felt amazing and continued to well into today – I used less foundation this morning than usual, because my skin just looked great as is.

It all sounds too good to be true and in some ways, it is – the device costs a cool $395, which is not chump change for anyone, let alone someone who doesn’t make bank. However – if you are someone who buys up big on sheet masks and every fad face mask on the planet, or just generally a skincare obsessive then the cost works out okay. It comes with a 10 year warranty, so clearly Foreo are anticipating this will be something you use regularly for a long time.

Could you use your own face masks with the gadget? Look, they don’t suggest you do. But I assume if you were using serum-based masks, yes? It wouldn’t work for clay masks or anything sticky – the formula of the one provided was a gel-like serum, much like the stuff most sheet masks are coated in. Basically – not officially, but I’ll probably try it I won’t lie.

If you’re keen, or just want more info – hit up the Foreo site here.