I’ve Tried Over 30 Sheet Masks & This Is The *Only* One I’ll Actually Recommend To My Friends

go-to transformazing

As a woman with a terrible fear of ever looking a day over 20, I have spent a *lot* of money on skincare in my life. Like… a lot. Like, probably more than I’d spend on a car, if I’m being totally honest.

Sure, this means I’ll never be able to buy myself a house and have random cleansers and facial oils coming out the wazoo, but it also means I’m a bloody ~expert~ when it comes to telling you what you should and shouldn’t spend money on.

So, you can imagine my sheer delight when I finally found a sheet mask that actually *does* something.

I present to you: the Go-To Transformazing sheet mask.

This isn’t sponsored, and Go-To hasn’t sent me this mask. I am just obsessed with it and have been for years and I quite literally recommend it to everyone I meet. It’s *that* good.

I discovered this mask a few years ago when I realised that founder Zoe Foster-Blake has the best skin I’ve ever seen. So naturally, I figured her skincare brand would be pretty good.

But I’m going to be honest here, I’ve tried a bazillion sheet masks in my life and even the super expensive ones don’t really do anything. So I went into this with painfully low expectations.

According to the website, you’re meant to use the mask either just before, or just after a big event (see: when you want to look hot, or when you want to pretend you didn’t chuck two bottles of wine last night).

Now usually, this is the part where I’d call bullshit because I’ve never actually noticed a difference after using a sheet mask, especially not immediately.

My usual qualm with sheet masks, and the reason I swore off them prior to finding this bad boy, is that they don’t do anything.

As someone who swears by microdermabrasion and expensive facials, I know results when I see them, and most sheet masks (and masks in general, tbh) just don’t do anything more than give you some base-level hydration and an Insta-worthy photo opportunity while the mask is on. But once you take that bad boy off… nothing.

But holy shit, this one *actually* works.

It uses niacinamide for brightening and hydration, and hyadisine to help with fine-lines and improve moisture retention. But let’s be real, I’m not a scientist and neither are you (I assume), so none of that actually means anything to me.

However, what I can tell you is that this mask leaves you *glowing*. The only time my skin looks better than this is when I’ve just walked out of a facial appointment.

My skin is left bright and glowy and hydrated to the point where I almost feel bad putting a full-face of makeup on. It is truly *that* good. Blotchy uneven skin? Gone. That gross hungover dryness that makes you look dead inside? Never heard of her.

Unfortunately, they’re $9 each – which is really expensive for a single-use product, so I reserve these bad boys for when I’m going “out-out” or when I’m so painfully hungover that I can’t get off the couch, no matter how good the KFC next door to my apartment smells.  Alternatively, this mask is a godsend on a long-haul flight when my skin would otherwise be having a mental breakdown.

Thankfully, the package always has a little leftover serum in the bottom, so you can get a couple of extra days worth of use out of the packet. But still, $9 for *maybe* 3 days worth of product usage is pretty spenno, so this is definitely a product reserved for special occasions.

As someone who has tried at least 30 different sheet masks in my life, this is truly the only one I would genuinely recommend (although, the Dr Jart+ sheet masks are also good if you’re in a pinch, but even they don’t compare to the Go-To).

Now at this point, you’re probably sceptical, and look – I don’t blame you. I too have read many a rave review of a product, only for it to be really fucking average. But if you don’t believe me, they’ve got over 600 five-star reviews from other customers on the website alone.

Or, you know, ask literally any of my friends who I’ve forced to try this. I am truly like a Nonna trying to force-feed you pasta, but instead of pasta it’s a facemask.