The 1st Crime Scene Photos From Kim Kardashian’s Paris Heist Have Surfaced

We know all the details of the robbery that sent Kim Kardashian into hiding for 3.5 months – and now there are the disturbing visuals to go with.
Crime scene photos have been aired by French TV network TF1, showing the ransacked bedroom from which she was dragged when heavily armed men disguised as police officers gained access to her room at the exclusive Hôtel de Pourtalès in Paris last October.
Kim’s bedroom, where she was resting when the assailants held her up at gunpoint
The bathroom where Kim was bound while the robbers made off with her jewellery
Also pictured is the gaffer tape allegedly used to bind Kim’s hands after she was moved into the bathroom, and a tie reportedly used to gag her while the assailants made off with more than AU$11 million in jewellery, including her 20-carat Lorraine Schwartz engagement ring from Kanye West.
A tie allegedly used to gag Kim so she couldn’t scream
The gaffer tape allegedly used to bind her hands
Aomar Ait Khedache, a 60-year-old Frenchman who’s believed to be the ringleader, has told French police most of the stolen jewellery was melted down and sold off with the exception of the engagement ring because it was too recognisable (it still hasn’t been recovered).
He’s one of eight men and one woman currently under arrest in relation to the crime after being caught thanks to a combination of DNA and CCTV evidence. 
From these photos, you can only imagine how fkn terrifying that ordeal was for Kim.
Source and photos: TF1.
Photo: Stephanie Cardinale / Getty.