Textbook “Ugly Duckling” Erin Holland Wins Miss World Australia

Pageant season hit full throttle this weekend before coming to a thundering halt after everyone realised ‘pageant season’ is not actually a thing, just in time for Sydney student and soprano Erin Holland to win the local leg of Miss World: Australia.
On her second attempt, Miss Holland Australia, 24, claimed victory over thirty-two other hopefuls by impressing a judging panel with her pipes and “genuine demeanour.” Esteemed judges included Big Brother and Celebrity Apprentice staffer Layla Subritzky and Tim Morrison, erstwhile Trial Kennedy frontman and a finalist on The Voice this year. 
Ticking the requisite inner beauty boxes, a dazed Holland issued a textbook pageant response to The Daily Telegraph, saying “I used to be an ugly duckling so I don’t know what happened! I was the band geek at school who boys weren’t interested in. I never identified with being a model or a beauty queen.”
“Beauty doesn’t last forever,” continued Holland, who also aspires to a life on Broadway and who has a degree in Classical Voice from The Con. “A pretty face is a pretty face for a certain amount of time, then what are you left with? I think it’s important to be well-rounded.”
Earlier this month, a well-rounded medical student procrastinating from doing an assignment entered Miss Universe Australia and, whaddyaknow, she won
Earlier today, Erin Holland liked everything on her Official Facebook page.

Photo via Facebook