Taking Care of Business with Face Hunter

So we’ve been a little MIA on the content front here at Pedestrian Jobs, so upon request we’ve decided to add some substance to our shit-stirring memes on Facebook through our brand spankin’ new Taking Care of Business series. In the next few months, we’ll be getting personalised career confessions from some of the best in the business, with the hope that it’ll help you refrain from physically assaulting a colleague at your current internship or poisoning a customer at your part-time job.

We’re making our debut and kicking off the series with Yvan Rodic, of Face Hunter fame, who just so happens to be back in the country snapping the stylish for his latest campaign with OPSM. We had the chance to chat about the collaboration and squeezed some career tips and tricks out of the slashie. 
Welcome back to the country! So tell us a little more about why you’re here? 
Thanks. I’m back in Aussie-Land for 9 days to literally… facehunt. I’ve been jumping from Sydney to Melbourne via Perth, Broome and Darwin to document the diversity of Australian faces for OPSM.  
What drew you to do something a little bit different from what you’re known for (ie. Fashion/ Street style photography)? 
This style of campaign is a first as it’s slightly unusual for me to photograph such a diverse range of people. Most of my assignments and daily shoots focus around fashion and events, so it’s refreshing to work on a true street style project.
What is your favourite pair of glasses/sunnies out at the moment (that’s available in OPSM)? 
I’m wearing a pair of blue Ray Ban wayfarers, with reflective lenses, which I love.

When you’re out snapping, what distinct style do you think sets Australian ladies & gents apart (from the rest of the world)? 
Aussies are the only ones who can pull off the skinny jeans and flip-flops combo. 
What do you think makes up the “modern Australian face?”
Australia has become one of the most ethnically diverse societies on Earth. Instead of talking about one modern Australian face, I’d say Aussie faces are a beautiful illustration of multiculturalism.


All deets courtesy of Pedestrian Jobs
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