Interior addicts, take note. An Australian artist has created ‘Suburban Kingdoms’, an Instagram account which chronicles phenomenal vintage homes on by posting their real estate images.

Many of these interiors will be demolished in favour of new properties as they belong to older-style homes. So the Instagram account is part interiors porn for vintage lovers, part preservation of these beautiful interiors from days of old.

Jasmine Poole is a Sydney-based artist and photographer, and heads up Suburban Kingdoms alongside Art Director partner Chris Sewell.

The pair curate based off real-life real estate listings of properties in Australia.

“It’s two of us,” Jasmine explained. “I bombard my Chris’ work email with a million ads I find, and he does the curating and posting.”

“He is an art director so much better than me at that side of things. He also finds the ads as well, but I’m kind of an insomniac so it has become something I do before I go to bed.”

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“As well as preserving interiors, it pokes fun at Sydney’s obsession with the property market,” Jasmine said.

The idea came about when Jasmine was looking for a property to potentially buy.

“Basically I thought I should start looking at maybe one day trying to get my own place, but then quickly realised I am too poor, so became obsessed with the photographs on the ads instead,” she said.

“I have always loved interiors, spent a few years working as a location scout so was constantly looking at houses then. Chris had thought about studying interior design at one point I think so he is also obsessed. I was looking at one ad in particular with Chris and he said, we should actually start collecting these shots and that is how it started.”

As for where the project is going, the pair haven’t got anything set in stone as yet.

“We only just started it last week, so not too sure where to take it at the moment,” said Jasmine.

“It will exist solely on Insta for now, but we would like to look at other options as well. It’s up on own website for the time being, but we will look into doing a site specifically for the project down the line. Would also love to do a show or a book in the future.”

“Rare and untouched (frozen in time)” #interior #suburbia #Australia #NSW

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Check out the full project here.

Image: Instagram / @suburban_kingdoms