Here’s 21 Epic Pictures Of Models In Their Bedrooms

Unlike other interiors blogs (too banal), Australian photographer Cybele Malinowski’s Model Maison series is as indebted to the artistic considerations of an image maker as it is to the unobtrusive spirit required to organically and accurately depict someone else’s living space. 

That’s a hard balance to strike and one the Sydney photographer has continued to explore as she serves a multitude of functions – artist, photographer and documentarian. 
Shot in various bedrooms around the world – Sydney, Los Angeles, London and Shanghai – the voyeuristic interiors and portraiture blog dedicated to sun dappled living spaces and the lithe limbed individuals who inhabit them is a constantly updated trove of captivating work, the most evocative of which we’ve assembled here into a gallery of 21 reasons you should bookmark her site immediately. 
Trust us, you won’t regret it. 

All photos by Cybele Malinowski.