Snapchat Rebuffs Facebook Bid Of Measly $3 Billion

Snapchat, the safe haven for horny exhibitionists and nude Flume fans everywhere, has reportedly turned down an acquisition offer from social media goliath Facebook to the tune of $3 Billion, because three billion dollars isn’t cool.

It would have been Facebook’s largest acquisition ever, three times what the company paid for photo-sharing app Instagram in April 2012, so Mark Zuckerberg and his cohort clearly recognise the value in shorthand sexting. Or not.

Evan Spiegal, one of Snapchat’s quartet of creators and current CEO, has argued against popular opinion that the app’s success is due to its low-risk sext-enabling capabilities, despite the fact its reputation as a hotbed of nipply, penisy filth was validated, somewhat, with a report in the New York Times. Said Spiegal, “I’m not convinced that the whole sexting thing is as big as the media makes it out to be… I just don’t know people who do that. It doesn’t seem that fun when you can have real sex.”

Evan, who is just 23, can have real sex in a Scrooge McDuck style money bin if the business continues to evolve.