Facebook Prematurely Releases Snapchat Competitor App ‘Slingshot’

Goliath ego in tatters since having their three billion dollar acquisition offer rebuffed by the noted jerks who own and operate Snapchat, Facebook have evidently been hard at work holding back tears and gestating a rival Snapchat app of their own, recently revealed to be the aptly-named Slingshot. As is the wont of its namesake handheld catapult, Slingshot was accidentally released too soon on the world this morning at Amateur Hour through iOS App Stores, Australia included. 
A Facebook spokesperson then had the pleasure of confirming to Mashable that the premature rolling out of the app happened “by mistake”, adding that soon you’ll be able to use Slingshot “to share everyday moments with lots of people at once. It’ll be ready soon and we’re excited for you to try it out.” Slingshot will apparently enable users to experience the heretofore totally alien concept of taking photos and video, drawing or writing on them and then sending them to as many people (read: prospective sexual partners) as they like. 
As a point of difference in an already saturated App Store, in order to ‘unlock’ the message, the recipient will to ‘sling’ their own message first, which sounds terrible.
As with Tinder – who last week announced a Snapchat feature of their own, Moments – users will be able to save or swipe away messages, which then ‘disappear’ ‘forever’. There’s no further word on when Slingshot will become available officially on the App Store, so you’ll have to keep your doodles on photos and photos of doodles to yourself until then. 

Photo: David Ramos via Getty