We have just spent a weekend celebrating the wonderful things about Australia, but it is over now so we can all go back to quibbling over the drawbacks of First World life Down Under, such as the cost of international travel. Living in an island nation means travel to other countries can be intimidatingly costly and that is why our friends at Air Asia are throwing us all a bone.

Air Asia is generously offering Pedestrian readers 20% of all flights to Kuala Lumpur and a selection of ‘Fly Thru’ routes connecting through KL to Malaysia, China, Japan and Korea for travel during the (non-monsoonal!) period between 20 February to 14 June 2013 so go ahead and start perusing flight options!

This special 20% discounted flights are only available to book via THIS LINK from now till Midnight 6th Feb.

**Please note the 20% is off Air Asia’s base fare, so discounts on government taxes and fees are not included.

Photo by Saeed Khan for AFP via Getty Images.