Flights To Seoul Are Goin’ For $239 RN And We’re Absolutely Kimcheering

Despite being a glistening metropolis and goddamn culinary wonderland, Seoul still kind of feels underrated as a travel destination. Sure, Japan is right over there, and those eager to experience warmer climes may choose to look further south-east, but South Korea’s beaut capital city oughta cop more love from wanderlusted Aussies. 

Apparently, at least one airline agrees. As of right now, AirAsia is offering one-way flights from Sydney and Melbourne to Seoul from as lil’ as $239, excluding extra fees. That’s a pretty swish deal, considering just how spenno flights to the Korean Peninsula can be. 

That gr8 deal is part of AirAsia’s new sale, which we feel compelled to tell you about, ’cause helping you lot secure cheapo holidays brings us a great deal of joy. Also, we’re behind our desks here in Australia, so we need to live vicariously through you.

If you’re willing to put your Korean dreams on hold, you may also like to hear about their Perth – Penang flight for $169, or if you’re up north, the swish Darwin – Bali trip for a cool $99. Flights to Kuala Lumpur can also be had from $139.

You’ve got four days to take advantage of the flights, which will run (at sale prices) until September 4, 2017. Scope ’em all out here, and spend a moment to meditate on the lush bibimbap you’re destined to consume.

Source: Supplied.
Photo: Alex Barlow / Getty.