How To Rock A Completely Shaved Head Like An Absolute Boss

Shaved head

Ahh, the ol’ buzz cut. Bold. Striking. A popular trend among a tonne of famous folk, men and women alike.

Although a growing number of people are repping the buzz, it’s still seen as a somewhat risky move among gals in particular. Sure, the need for dry shampoo decreases dramatically and often you can roll out of bed, spend a few minutes fixing your alfalfa and saunter out the door without a hair-care in the world, but it is a style that many fear they can’t pull off.

Well, my curious owners of luscious locks, I’m here to share some crucial info with ya:


If you’ve been toying with the idea of lopping off your natural head-hat but you’re hesitant to take the plunge, keep in mind that even if you don’t vibe with your new ‘do, it grows and changes pretty darn rapidly – most studies cite an average growth of six inches a year, which, if you’re starting from almost zero hair, is quite the dramatic shift over the course of a year.

So with that in mind, whether you want to make the chop to spice up your current Plain Jane hairdo or you’re doing it for an 11/10 cause like World’s Greatest Shave, here are a couple of tips and tricks to work your buzz cut like it’s nobody’s business.


There’s no point making a bold statement if you’re not willing to rock it like a bloody champ. Most often though, the buzz gives you that confidence regardless because you have much less to worry about.

Gone are the days where you have to stress about a big ol’ clump of tangled hair chilling on the back of your head, whether or not your split ends are super noticeable or even having to re-zhoosh your hair when it begins to fall a tad flat over the course of the day. You’d be surprised by how much more time you have to focus your energy elsewhere when your hair is no longer a pressing concern.


Contrary to popular belief, there are genuine options for people with barely-there hair – you can do as little or as much with it as you please. Except, like, braids I guess?

If you direct your peepers at the likes of Halsey, the singer with a penchant for a Number Two trim, you’ll notice that despite the short length, there’s always something different going on. Layered, coloured, tussled, slick, spiked – it’s exhausting (and impressive) just looking at her almost-daily transformations. Take a leaf out of the Halsey book of hair and get creative.


The beauty of the buzz cut is that it can be relatively low maintenance if you’re savvy about it.

Sure, you can go all out or you can simply keep it looking neat so you can focus on other ways to round out your ~lewk~. Think bold-as-hell accessories, makeup and clothes to ensure you’re turning the heads of the masses – if that’s what you want. If you just feel like going about your business without giving people instant arousal, dress down, do what ya want and savour the time you’ve saved having to brush your hair for seven-plus hours (give or take).


Although you might not have to think about split hairs and tangles, hair still needs a lil’ loving regardless of how short it is.

Don’t think that just because you can’t see the grease commonly found in long hair that’s gone unwashed for far too long, that you don’t have to shampoo and condition your hair on the semi-reg – you do and you should. You should also keep that scalp in tip-top form now that it’s going to get a lot more exposure to the sun and to Nosey Nellies standing behind you on the train.


Now that you don’t have a tonne of hair to distract from your face, your skincare regime needs to be en pointe.

As someone who dabbles in activities that have been scientifically proven to age my face faster (gotta pick your battles and I choose reckless disregard for thy body), I’ve found that there are a coupla must-dos if you want decent skin. First and foremost, sunscreen – even if there’s no sun in sight, whack on that SPF-50 whenever you can.

Of course, the sun isn’t your only concern – your face is going to get much more attention now so you’ll need a foolproof cleanser, toner and moisturiser. If you haven’t figured out what works with your skin yet, duck into your nearest skincare retailer and listen to the professionals. Trust me, they know what they’re talking about.

If you’ve been ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ about getting the chop for a painful amount of time and your mates are sick of having to hear you weigh up the pros and cons, just do it. Better yet, save it until the World’s Greatest Shave, so not only are you finally biting the bullet, you’ll be able to muster up some moula to help battle blood cancer.

Have a gander at all the info here and remember that if you really don’t want to shave your head, you can also dye it whatever colour you please and still receive donations. Luckily in 2019 most offices are all about people expressing themselves with coloured hair so why not get around it?