Looks Like Rihanna’s Dropping A Lingerie Line & We Demand She Givvus It All

You know how much you lost your mind when Rihanna dropped her Fenty Beauty makeup range, well what if the next thing she’s launching is a bloody lingerie range so you can also cloak your body in her excellence.

Though it’s all rumours and speculation at the moment, there has been definite movement and plans made between RiRi and TechStyle – a fashion group that have previously worked with Kim Kardashian and Kate Hudson.

According to WWD, samples of the incoming products have been produced, and they’ve been working on ~whatever it is~ for the past year. Which means we’ll know more details soon, right? Right?????

We’ll OBVIOUSLY keep you updated as we get more word about this impending release from RiRi; her continued assertion of dominance over all of us and our wallets.

What is it even going to look like? Chains and leather? Lavish silk and lace with lots of feathers? Nothing but a mesh of sparkles and a g-string? Is it going to follow the same line as Fenty Beauty and be a range of self-affirming underwear that is accomodating to all shapes and sizes??

Whatever she brings to us – the mere mortals and total peasants that do not deserve her – I am 110% certain that we’ll also get to see her in the range doing her iconic hip isolations/twerks/booty popping. We truly are not worthy whatsoever.

Please, RiRi. Just take all my money TAKE IT.