Rihanna Drops A Sneak Peak Of Her New Lingerie Line ‘SAVAGE X FENTY’

Back to take more of our money, Rihanna has confirmed her lingerie line SAVAGE x FENTY will be up for grabs soon. After much speculation and just a few cryptic posts on her Instagram, Riri introduced the new line to her social media followers with an official promo gif. There’s yet to be a release date but SAVAGE X FENTY already has an Instagram page so it better be soon.


There’s also already a website up but don’t get your credit cards out just yet, the only thing you can do for now is sign up to be on the list and fill in your deets. It may just be a classic mailing list but somehow it seems ten times more appealing when Rihanna sells it.

If you do sign up, it takes you straight to an ‘info’ page where you can fill out your deets, Australia is on the list so we good.

At the moment bra sizes range from 10A to 22DD while undie sizes are between XS and 3X.

Since the announcement, a majority of Riri’s fans have taken to Twitter to support her.




Although some people are a little disappointed with the limited bra sizes.

It is still early days with plenty of opportunity for expansions, though.

This isn’t Rihanna’s first venture into fashion afterall with her aesthetic AF Puma apparel and her make-up line Fenty Beauty both seeing tremendous success, with the latter being widely applauded for its diversity in skin shades for its foundation and such.

Just yesterday, Rihanna was featured on Times Top 100 Most Influential People with words written by fellow singer Adele. 

“Whenever I’ve met her, she’s been the most gracious, loyal and funny goofball of an icon. She glows like when someone’s taken a picture with a flash and you’re dazed for a few minutes after. But it’s also very clear in that glow that she genuinely doesn’t give a f-ck; she’s fearless and full of all the right kind of attitude to be everything that she is and will be forever.”

You can sign up to the ~ list ~ HERE.