Priceline Just Launched A Beauty Tutorial For The Blind And Vision Impaired

makeup tutorial

Online makeup tutorials can be tricky even at the best of times. Between the thousands of products and fussy application techniques following every step along the way is easier said than done. Don’t even get me started on doing the cat eye, especially when you’re in a rush.

But all that stuff gets infinitely harder when you also have a vision impairment. Now there’s a makeup tutorial designed specifically for the blind and those with vision loss.

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Working in conjunction with Vision Australia, Priceline have just gone and released a How-To makeup application guide, complete with some genius tips to make the process more practical for disabled folk.

“Often the first thing people associate me with is my vision loss, but I’m a woman first and want to embrace and celebrate that in the same way that all women do,” explains Vision Australia client, Vildana

“Makeup is such a great tool to help me express who I am, my femininity and my personality, and I feel like I have been too conservative since losing my sight.”

So what kind of tips and tricks are we talking about?

For starters, the tutorial recommends using a brush over your fingertips when applying foundation to avoid leaving behind streaky swipe marks.

If you prefer applying foundation with your fingers, that’s a-okay too, but go back in with a brush afterwards to help buff and even out the coverage.

Eyes are, arguably, the fiddliest part of any beauty routine. A few ways to make the whole thing that bit more manageable are things like eyebrow stencils (for even shape) and resting your arms on a bench while doing your eyeshadow and mascara (to steady your hand).

As for the lips, swap out fussy lip liner and lipstick for easy-application tinted lip balm.

Now, it must be noted that, the makeup professional teaching the vision impaired volunteers the different steps can get a little condescending at times….

Particularly cringe lines include: “There are a couple of tips I have for applying mascara. 1 is not poking yourself in the eye” and “now I have another fun trick for you.” Yep. Make of that what you will.

But, despite the presenter, we can all agree the idea behind the tutorial is gold.

This is the first Priceline tutorial designed for disabled individuals and runs for just over half an hour, offering a guide for both a day and night time beauty look.

Fingers crossed there will be more to come, catering to more people with various needs.